Why You Should Join A Folk Dance Group

If you are interested in folk dance, there are many opportunities that you can take up. You can become part of a group that does performances and shows in different parts of the country. You can even expand your reach and go international once you have mastered the moves. The reasons why you should join a dance group are:

Networking and Socialising

By being a part of a group that is passionate about dance, you open up many socialising and networking opportunities that go beyond learning how to dance. It is during meetings with the group that you will get to share some of your life experiences. You can also make a friend who you interact with deeply and form lifelong connections. There are even cases where people have networking opportunities in such groups and establish business partners and other worthwhile connections.

Perfecting Dance Moves

The reason why folk dance groups exist is for the members to keep learning from each other, and become better at dancing. There are dance groups that will even hire a coach to teach the members. If you find yourself struggling to master some moves, then you will definitely benefit from being part of a group. You also have the opportunity to watch others who are better at the dance and approach them face to face to teach you how to perfect your dance. It is more personal and better than taking virtual lessons.


As a dancer, especially for people who do folk dances, it can get discouraging when you do not get the appreciation you need. There are people to try folk dancing and then give up along the way because they did not have the right motivation. This is where joining a folk dancing group comes in. You will meet like-minded people who are as passionate as you are. The more you meet and discuss activities that you want to engage in, the more you will get the motivation to keep going. Sometimes, all you need is to have someone to tell you that they understand what you are doing, and they want to be a part of it.

Opportunities to Perform

If you love folk dances and you want to do performances in various places, it is easier when you are a member of a dance group. Dance groups have an upper hand when it comes to getting accepted to stage a performance during events and festivals. Having many people in your network is also beneficial because you can learn from them about upcoming activities. Since you are a part of a group, you also get better at making your dance moves better, and this goes a long way in ensuring that you are accepted to participate in performances.

Getting a Mentor

Mentorship is important, especially if you want to take things a notch higher as a folk dancer. If you want to pick it up as a profession, and probably grow to become a folk dance teacher, you can benefit from having a mentor to guide you through what it takes to become a professional. When you join a folk dance group, you get access to many people who love folk dance. You can then get a mentor from a veteran in your group. They can guide you and get you rooted in becoming better.